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Destinations – Aruba

Aruba was one of the most recent places I have been. It was a wonderful time with wonderful people. I stayed at the Divi Village Gulf and Beach Resort. The room was completely amazing! Well in my eyes anyways. We had a One bedroom with a pull-out couch. 2 beautiful bathrooms one attached inside the bedroom and one outside for guests to enjoy. An amazing kitchen with granite Countertops, full stove top, microwave and refrigerator. But there was no oven. We also had two balconies, one overlooking the pool closest to us. There was definitely a lot to get into on and around the resort. You had a beautiful beach which you could walk to from your room at the Divi Gulf Resort which I found to be very convenient. If you didn’t want to walk, they had gulf carts with drivers to take you anywhere you wanted to go all well within a reasonable distance. (Just make sure you tip the driver a little something because they do work to make sure you have a safe and wonderful night.) The resort had a pool with a pretty big slid and a swim up bar. This was the first time I have been to a swim up bar which I thought was pretty cool. The bar tenders were nice and made pretty much anything you asked for, they even had a happy hour where you can get twofers on drinks which was a nice touch.

Here is a picture of the pool at Divi Gulf where we spent most of our time.

One of the issues I had was the fact that I did not get the all inclusive. ( Will never do that again… lol) So I had to come out of pocket for everything and with a family of four this was not a good situation. I was coming out of pocket for about $100 or more a night. Yes I did stock the room with sandwich meat and other snakes. The problem with that is when your already out, who wants to go back to the resort when your right next to a restaurant? As the family and I were out and about trying these restaurants we could not truly find a decent one. Meaning the food was just OK. Another Huge issue I had were the drinks. Now this could have just been me. But I felt like most, if not all of the mixed drinks were watered down unless it was straight out of the bottle then it was ok. But that’s just my honest opinion.

Overall it was a great experience. The family and I had fun, and would definitely go back for some more relaxation. Only this time im definitely going all-inclusive.

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